About Us

The Chiropractic Place strives to educate patients by promoting health through chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and spinal rehabilitation. Our mission goes far beyond relieving back pain or headaches; we are here to help people in the greater Puyallup area to achieve optimal health. The Chiropractic Place achieves this through chiropractic care in addition we offer nutritional benefits to help keep your mind and body functioning at the highest level. When choosing a Chiropractic office in Puyallup we hope we can provide the best service for yours needs.

The Chiropractic Place is a business with roots based here in the Puyallup area. We have been serving the greater Puyallup area for over 10 years now. Our business is to get you back on track and maintain the type of activities you enjoy. We strive to offer the latest in Chiropractic techniques and maintain the highest level of confidence in your ability to heal. Puyallup has offered some of the best quality of services available to the public and one where you can find virtually everything you need. The Chiropractic Place is committed to that same quality by offering you all the benefits you would be able to get anywhere in the world without having to travel so far. If you have not yet tried Chiropractic care for you or for your family please don’t let the suffering continue.

Many chiropractors are present in the Puyallup area that offers a variety of services, techniques, etc. At the Chiropractic Place we offer the best services for your problems using the most advanced techniques available to the public. We offer the latest and best type of supplements to maintain your joint mobility, function and flexibility. We also offer some basic but fundamentally beneficial spinal rehabilitation services to strengthen and support the best spinal health possible. In addition to Chiropractic care, nutrition and spinal rehabilitation, we also offer massage therapy for improving circulation and promoting tissue relaxation to the muscles. We offer two of the best therapists available for relieving muscle tension in Puyallup. Massage therapy offers relief to the muscle in conjunction with chiropractic care. The two combined offer the best scenario to help your body heal and maintain your health. If you are looking for a place offering the latest in State-of-the-Art facility the Chiropractic Place is your next chiropractic office. The Chiropractic Place offers the most safe, effective and gentle type of Chiropractic care in the Puyallup region today.

Come by the office today and you will see how much care and attention you will get from your very first visit. We offer care for those, which may have had problems with work injuries, sports injuries, automobile accidents and just the run of the mill aches and pains. We take most all insurance plans and offer different options for those using cash payments. You will feel better with you care you get here through Chiropractic, massage, nutrition and spinal rehabilitation. Your body will love you for doing so. Call our Puyallup office today to schedule an appointment today and you will start feeling better soon.

When looking for chiropractic care in Puyallup for you and your family we trust you will find what you have been searching for at The Chiropractic Place. Chiropractic care should be one that helps you gain added health and wellness to your lifestyle. At the Chiropractic Place we strives to do just that getting you back on track or help you maintain your course through chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and spinal rehabilitation. Our mission goes far beyond relieving back pain or headaches; we focus on where you want to be in the future. The chiropractic care you will get in our office focuses on the health of your spine for many years to come. Come by the office today and we will do a comprehensive exam and create a treatment plan tailored for your needs. We hope you will come to trust when you are looking for excellent chiropractic care in Puyallup today.